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India is all about colours and celebration and the biggest dream of every traditional family here is the opulent, bright and lovely wedding. Going by the ethnic connotation of “big, fat Indian wedding,” there is every reason to be a part of one and enjoy the fun. But with changing trends and lifestyle, how do the bride and groom feel about the curtain-raiser to their big day and living together thereafter. RS Prasanna brings you all the emotions that you wanted to see in the anxious run-up of a young modern couple, to their ages-old traditional wedding and the rules therewith. Director Arun Vaidyanathan of ‘Achamundu Achamundu’ fame is turning producer, in collaboration with Ananth Govindan in this film. Krishnan Vasant is reconciling the aperture to videotape the delight and elation and editor of the film is Sathyaraj. Audio rights to the music composed by Arrora has been acquired by Think Music. Distributed by Thirukumaran Entertainment, the big, fat Indian wedding is all set to nurture your entertainment quotient. With the basics in place, let’s take a peek into what the film is all about.

For the family, it is a responsibility, for guests, it is a time for gala, and for the couple it is a decision of a lifetime – all this packed in a day or two. While marriages have traditionally been fixed by the elders of the family and strictly adhered to by the young ones, it is apparent that the times have changed drastically. Prasanna plays the anxious young bride groom Raghu Viswanathan and Lekha Washington is cast as the coy Brahmin bride, Meera Chandrasekaran. A single track ‘Mella Sirithai’ was released as a promotional video song which narrates the life of the couple from before deciding to get married till their nuptials. The video has gone viral on all social networking websites, as is the good-humored trailer. Impressed by the festivity, this particular Indian wedding is to be telecast in Emmy-nominated television series, ‘Born to Explore With Richard Wiese’ in the USA. After ‘Muran’, Prasanna was not seen in a full length role in Tamil, as is similar with Lekha, who was last seen with Shiva in ‘Va’ almost three years back; and hence, ‘Kalyana Samayal Sadham’ would serve as a comeback in Kollywood for both the actors.

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